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Voice of War Reviews


May 25, 2020



"This book was.....exceptional." — Goodreads Reviewer
"Voice of War kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened next, and I'm eagerly awaiting Book 2!" — Amazon Reviewer
"If you are looking for a gripping fantasy that is easy to ready, I can recommend this book. Looking forward to book 2." —A.D. Green, Author of River's Run Red
"A compelling fantasy tale from a fellow indie author." —Christopher Buecheler, Author of The Broken God Machine
"While I didnt love the opening scene (it's dark) I am glad I kept reading. Chrys was a compelling protagonist and this world is well-drawn and intriguing. The settings are wondrous." — Anne C. Miles, Author of Sorrowfish
"As soon as I finished, I was wishing book 2 was already out. Can't wait!" — Amazon Reviewer
"I'm always nervous to invest time into an indie book, but this one was definitely worth it!" — Goodreads Reviewer
"In Voice of War, you can truly expect to think outside the box, with powers, habitats, creatures, and relationships. Can't wait for the plot development in Book two. I'll be watching for that!" — Goodreads Reviewer