Self-Published Fantasy Blog-off

This list represents the current state of the world for the 2024-2025 Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off.



Hidden Worlds
The First Scars
Throne in the Dark
Strangers in Our Heads
The Plagued Elf
King's Imitation
Path of the Guardian
Dragon Princess
Bone Traders
After Silence
Beyond the Burning Sea
Knights of the Alliance
The Fall of Ahilon
The Winds of Change
The Apprentice Storyteller
The White Mask Society
The Book of One
The Ashen Orb Bounty
Stakes and Bones
The Will of the World
Seeds of the Fallen
The Youngling
Moonshadow's Guardian
Spark of the Divine
The Forest at the Heart of Her Mage
Embargo on Hope
If The Walls Fall
Lady of Dragons

Fantasy Book Critic

The tenfold tenants
Umbra: Tales of a Shadow
The Ballad of Sprikit The Bard (And Company)
The House of Starling
The Cursed Soul
A Vermilion Curse
Miss Bennet's Dragon
Dimensional Traveler
The Lost Noble
The Unspoken Truths of Casemiro
Woe to the Stargazers
To Dance With Dragons
Of Wind and Lightning
Sigils & Sushi
Wings and Wounds
The Song of Thyssia
Soultaming the Serpent
Mushroom Blues
Tomb of Heart and Shadow
Destiny Awaiting
The Serpent's Quest
Light My Pyre
Good Bad Witch
Wish Givers
Black and Deep Desires
Susan, You're The Chosen One

Lynn's Books + The Critiquing Chemist

The Door to Trilesk
River of Crows
Visions of Snapdragon
Darkness of the Northern Sky
The Lost Redeemer
Messengers of Ilbeor
Touched by Magic
The First Assignment
The Fate of
By a Silver Thread
The Enchanter's Counsel
Dark Empathy
My Boss is the Devil
Rise of the Forgehearts
Under an Azure Sky
Facing Shadows
The Hybrid
The Erstwhile Tyler Kyle
The Crippled King
The Wind Walker
Through Blood and Dragons
A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows
Jem, a Girl of London
Tabby Swain
Fortitude's Prize
Smile and be a Villain
Ohlegan's Treasure: Search for the Runes

The Weatherwax Report

Rumor of Thorns
Severed Legacy
Counsel of the Wicked
The Heir
The Saga of Bjorn Unfrid
Cursed King
City of Rain
Legend of Elberkhan
Blood of The Hunted
The Light Must Hold
The Lost Wings
The Autumn Apprentice
The Glorious and Epic Tale of Lady Isovar
Black Dot White
Callus & Crow
Cascade of Sparks
Splitting Dawn
Crimson Spellscape
However Many Must Die
The Awakening
Lurid Lantern
The Treachery of Ravens
The Children of Never
Isaree of the Wild Isles

Before We Go Blog

Breaker of Fates
Wolves Running
The Dreams Thief
Splintered Magic
A Night of the Burntmen
Them Old Bones
Rites of Passage
Beyond Misty Mountain
The Warrior's Path
The Bones of Prophecy
The Dryad's Crown
Legacy's Price
Princess of the Broken
Undine's Blessing
Hear My Call
Quaint Creatures: Magical & Mundane
Here There Be Monsters
Oathbreakers Anonymous
Fruits of the Gods
Qing's Quest
Tears of an Indifferent God
Way of the Wizard
Seeds of Inheritance
Fragments of Skyonae
Clysm Games: Dark Seeds
Demon Gates
Gates of Hope

Queen's Book Asylum

Heir of Amber and Fire
Trial of the Berserker
The Stars Would Curse Us
Ghosts of the Catacombs
The Stranger of Ul Darak
Merewif: the Mermaid Witch
Temper the Dark
Glory to the Waxing Sun
Wolf of Withervale
Imago: A Dystopian Gothic
Of Shadows and Death
Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard
Where Fate Whispers
The Call of the Valkyries
Secrets of the Sorcerers
Echoes of Memory
Bringer of the Scourge
Dead As Dreams
City in the Dragon's Eye
Mother of the Fallen
They Left Magic in Their Wake
The Thief's Keeper
Dawn of the Darkest Day
The Faithful Dark
A Circle of Stars
The Gatekeeper of Pericael

Philip Chase

A Conduit of Light
Five Lords of Dusk
Tea and Empathy
Child of Vanris
The High Seer
The Yawning Gap
Order of the Shadow Dragon
The Songs That Beckon
The Desert Heiress
South Breaks
The Sunset Sovereign: A Dragon's Memoir
Record of The Paladins: Book Of Oliver
When Shadows Fall
The Fealty of Monsters
The Dragon Legion
Embers of Dusk
City of the Seventh Moon
The Tenacious Tale of Tanna the Tendersword
The Torn Veil
Shadow of the Soul Blade
Flight of an Orphan Thief
The Vermilion Ribbon
Surviving Westcliff
The Warhog Paladins
The Wind at Oak Hollow
Smoker on the Porch
The Handwarmers of Immortality


Od and Ed
Evil's Unlikely Assassin
The Oathsworn Legacy
Lizardskin and Sharpened Steel
The Outer Darkness
Ritual Income
A Contract in Sol Forne
Millennium of the Ocean Serpent
Fires of Caprica
Moon Bitten
Magic on the Cards
The Black Crown
Stone-Cold Alibi
A Rose Among Thorns
Haelend's Ballad
Rematch of the Titans
The Blood of Houses
The Burning Fire Rises
The Afterlife Experiment
The Last Lunar Witch
Dread Child
Burden to Bear
Courier Quest
Oak King Holly King
Father of Constructs
Goddess Found
Blood of the Stars
A Witch's Guide to Business
Tall & Dark
A Strange Bunch

Kitty G Books

Into FaerLand
Infinite: Rise of a Rebel
A Drifting Sun
A Breaking of Realms
Whisper for Eternity
The Humane Society for Creatures & Cryptids
The Shepherds of the Sunstone
Tower of Dogs
Red Flags
Dark City Rising
Demon's Vow
A Cursed Son
Thornbane the Lost
Cursed Cocktails
Poisoned Empire
Born of Scourge
Flight of the Scions
What The Echoes Say
The Hunter
Dreams of a Dragon Girl
Death and the Taxman
Of Blood & Stone
A Heart of Bones
Wings so Soft
The Highwayman Kennedy Thornwick
Blood Runs True
A Bastard's Birthright

Captured in Words

Dual Fires
Cthoma's Fated
Kindred of the Sea
The Grand Game
Dragon Thief
The Young Necromancer's Guide to Ghosts
The Spark
The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia
Darkness Below
Creatures of the Malignant Thicket
Amiant Soul
Kingdom of Forgotten Curses
Speak The Ocean
Stone & Sky
Obsidian Murders
Sailing to Redoubt
Molten Flux
The Kiss of the Sky
Forged By Pain
Guarding Gus
A Song for Octaven
Gabriel's Journey
By Blood, By Salt
Copper Cold Steel
A Curse Within The Waves
My Name is not Alice
The Best of Us Is the Last of Us
Dawn of the Black Sun